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cierre de seguridad exclusivo de BABYSAFE para cerco de pileta
BABYSAFE fabrica sus cercos en diferentes alturas para adaptarse al diseño del vallado
BABYSAFE diseñó los postes estructurales de resistencia progresiva que no se quiebran

We started our removable swimming pool fences in 1995 and  we have constantly improved our products and installation process. We have manufacturing facilities in Spain and Argentina from which we can supply anywhere in the world. We are confident that we have today the most developed and reliable removable fence available.

We have developed a structural suport post for which we were granted a patent , we WELD, not sew, the fence's edge to prevent thread decay and we have been constantly improving our latching devices. We have also had our fences tested by third parties to make sure they comply with the regulations from all the markets that we serve.

BABYSECUR manufactures and installs the best and safest removable pool fence

Los cercos para pileta BabySafe son los que brindan mayor seguridad para sus hijos


BabySecur´s objective: safety and peace of mind in your pool

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